English Rose

Studying abroad in the cultural hub of London was a priceless experience. Visiting PR firms and broadcasting companies led me to find a new passion. Every night ended with sharing laughs at pubs or around Hyde Park. My birthday celebration took place in Winter Wonderland walking the never-ending maze of cabins filled with sweets and hearing screams … More English Rose

The Gladiator In a Suit

The PR Professional must be as dynamic an individual as the industry. Public relations is fresh, it is changing, it is happening all around us. So what does it take to be a craftsman of todays communication? Here are five key essentials that make up the PR Pro. … More The Gladiator In a Suit

So you do…what exactly?

When asked what I study, a confused face is the typical reaction. With over 300 definitions, lines are blurred when pinpointing what exactly public relations is. People associate portrayals of the industry to what they see in the media. The glamorous life of Samantha Jones from Sex and the City, to the dark side of the field with Olivia Pope in Scandal. These TV adaptations of the PR profession take a small part of the industry and exaggerate it. There are misconceptions about the industry just as there are misunderstandings about the definition. … More So you do…what exactly?


I was 6 when I watched Legally Blonde and was first exposed to the preppy, chanting, pink obsessed lifestyle that is the sorority girl. Growing up I swore to never participate in such superficial matters full of matching shirts, sorority squats and worst of all-glitter. Freshmen year, I was surrounded by these cheerful Greeks and … More Sisterhood

Canapé and the Capital

This summer brought outings around Georgetown and the Mosaic District. Along the streets of Georgetown, there are many shops, cafes and my favorite macaron place-Olivia Macaron. There are scenic canals and the Georgetown Waterfront gives a calming view of the Potomac River. Muncheez is electric and lively with bright painted walls and flavorful crepes, wraps and … More Canapé and the Capital