Across the Pond: Bell Pottinger

***I had the opportunity to study international public relations in the cultural hub of London. Below are my notes from a presentation at Bell Pottinger. Fast facts : *1987- 2nd largest independent consultancy in the United Kingdom *Known to be Margaret Thatcher’s advisor Approach –>Work–> Media Objective is to deliver ideas that capture imagination How … More Across the Pond: Bell Pottinger

Under the Rialto

There is a video of me crying as I saw the teal waters of Venice for the first time. I could not believe a place so beautiful was real. Every morning the gondoliers would sing or wave shouting “Buongiorno!” Throughout the day, I’d eat the best Zuppa di Pesce, get lost in the Doge’s Palace … More Under the Rialto

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday was the movie that made me want to be a princess.┬áNo, it was not even Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (who was named Aurora by the way) that did it. It was Queen Anne (Audrey Hepburn) strolling the streets of Rome getting caught in curious adventures. As an art history minor, I have just studied … More Roman Holiday