If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet The Press

This past Sunday, the George Mason University Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists attended a live taping of Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. As we entered the gates to NBC Washington Studios, we heard blaring sirens from a motorcade.Vice President-Elect Mike Pence was arriving for his interview. Secret Service hurried us through the lobby into … More If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet The Press

Across the Pond: Bell Pottinger

***I had the opportunity to study international public relations in the cultural hub of London. Below are my notes from a presentation at Bell Pottinger. Fast facts : *1987- 2nd largest independent consultancy in the United Kingdom *Known to be Margaret Thatcher’s advisor Approach –>Work–> Media Objective is to deliver ideas that capture imagination How … More Across the Pond: Bell Pottinger

Under the Rialto

There is a video of me crying as I look at the teal waters of Venice for the first time. I could not believe a place so beautiful was real. Every morning the gondoliers would sing or wave shouting “Buongiorno!”Throughout the day, I’d eat the best Zuppa di Pesce, get lost in the Doge’s Palace, … More Under the Rialto

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday was the movie that made me want to be a princess. No, it was not even Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (who was named Aurora by the way) that did it. It was Queen Anne ( Audrey Hepburn) strolling the streets of Rome getting caught in curious adventures. As an art history minor, I have just … More Roman Holiday