The Barn in Middlebury

It started with my roommate’s car that broke down in the middle of an intersection…yes, what a nightmare. It’s okay, that’s what boyfriends are for, right? To save us in the middle of these situations. Then there was the cancelled connecting flight in New York…it can’t get worse then this. Can it? Oh…but it can. My roommate learned the hard way there are two Lexington Avenues in NYC-a 1 hour drive apart. 12 hours later we are reunited in Vermont. Finally, all the problems stopped!…Nope. There are also no Ubers…or AC. 

We yelled. We complained. We swore off Vermont forever.

Then, we went to our friends wedding. The family welcomed each of us with open arms. The girls oohed and awed as each bridesmaid showed off their gowns as they got ready. We reunited with old college friends sharing many laughs over one too many glasses of wine. There was a large, wooden swing we sat on overlooking the mountains while catching up on life. In the end, we made new friends, danced in a beautiful barn and celebrated the thing that made going through these all these obstacles worth it.



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