Ignite Your Security

Palo Alto Networks hosted a cybersecurity conference bringing together leading government and IT industry professionals at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC. Topics discussed among the keynotes and panelists focused on the future cybersecurity plays in the public sector and why we need to make this a national priority.

VP of Federal Sales, Nick Urich, kicked off the event with opening remarks and introducing the first keynote, Congressman John Ratcliffe.

This is a national priority that won’t go away… Today you’ll hear about a cybersecurity “moon shot.”

This “moon shot” was spoken of by each speaker stressing the importance of staying hopeful and turning to emerging technology as our solution. The theme stayed consistent with every panelists and keynote.

This was the first event I live tweeted for my company and was ecstatic to see how months of promotion brought a successful event together. People from different agencies networked and talked about how we all have to contribute to this national effort.

Three things I learned:

  • Always adapt to technical difficulties

With capabilities of using a hashtag printer or a Twitter wall, always think of what can go wrong and prepare for a plan B.

  • Have patience

When live tweeting you should aim for at least 100 tweets by the end of the event. Make sure everything you post is valuable,concise, and no grammatical errors. The pressure to keep up with quotes the speakers may say can add stress, but it is better to take your time and post the right thing then misquote someone.

  • Know your audience

Even though the content is being seen by all your followers, it is important to add personalization to those in attendance of the event. Engage with those who engage with you.



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