The Intern Chronicles: Welcome to the Smithsonian Institution

I was handed my badge that confirmed me as an intern of the Smithsonian Institution and my next adventure has officially begun. The Freer|Sackler are the Smithsonian Institution’s national museums of Asian art. The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery of Art is where I will intern under the Marketing and Communications department. My first few weeks, I became familiar with the exhibitions and how each department works together to keep the gallery growing with visitors. Exhibitions are planned months ahead of their opening with each department and events are implemented to support each exhibit.

When entering the Sackler, Perspectives by artist Michael Joo glistens and moves as the sun rays hit the canvas. The stairwell has a hanging sculpture of intertwined wooden letters of the word “monkey” in 21 different languages called Monkeys Grasp for the Moon by Xu Bing. My favorite exhibit is the Peacock Room Remix: Darren Waterson’s Filthy Lucre. It juxtaposes Whistler’s famous Peacock Room in a dystopian setting. The bottom floor leads to Turquoise Mountain: Artists Transforming Afghanistan where wooden arcades and a pavilion show exemplary craftsmanship from the artisans.

Each staff member, intern or fellow works together to uphold the Freer|Sackler’s mission in inspiring visitors to enjoy and think about the arts and culture of Asia. My role as an intern is to help promote and contribute to growing interest for the exhibitions and events held at the Sackler. I assist with helping in aspects of the press, advertising and social event planning.  

Follow me as I document my experiences as an intern with the Smithsonian Institution. 

















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