Across The Pond: Ketchum


***I had the opportunity to study international public relations in the cultural hub of London. Below are my notes from a tour of Ketchum.

This agency is media relations based where the majority of their employees have journalism backgrounds. Everything is becoming blurred when the Internet and social media emerged.

Loop Team- Advertising, direct team, PR team that produces direct and digital content.

Employees must be integrated and know about the marketing mix. Visuals are soon taking over writing. You must understand the business by thinking like the client. You must also know the difference from a communication goal to a PR goal. Listen to the local markets and colleagues. For example, Ketchum is expanding to Asia for their market is growing and buys differently.

Global tool kits will always have press releases and videos. However, these tactics may not work in each market. Digital work is always shifting. Execution has to fit the local community.

When first starting out, here are key things to remember-

  • Creativity is a must- Clients complain about bad writing.
  • Stay curious and ask MANY questions
  • Try to put the client at the center of the universe

What is the process like to join Ketchum?

There is an immersion day and investment day where the number one rule is engagement. You would work in two departments in 6 months to find your niche. They have a Graduate Scheme and a program they call “Ketchum University” where you travel to Spain, Madrid etc. to learn about the different markets and business.

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