Across the Pond: Bell Pottinger


***I had the opportunity to study international public relations in the cultural hub of London. Below are my notes from a presentation at Bell Pottinger.

Fast facts :

*1987- 2nd largest independent consultancy in the United Kingdom

*Known to be Margaret Thatcher’s advisor

Approach –>Work–> Media

Objective is to deliver ideas that capture imagination

How is PR like a fishbowl?

fishbowl_goldfish“Learn to embrace life like a fishbowl”

What you do + What you say+ What others say about you =Reputation

People are more trusting of what people say on the street versus leaders for an age of reference. Audiences spend more time looking at screens than reading papers and that should be kept in mind when creating content.

Audience Centricity: (Savvy, Empowered, and Networked)

The consumers are a defined network of audiences that engage emotional proximity and customer relationships.

In order to reach these consumers, your content needs to have a strong narrative with visuals.

Say –> Visual narrative + verbal whisper= Brands vision

Do –> Participate and deliberate = Ideas and Actions

Others –> Map, Monitor, Engage= Monitoring relationships

The better the reputation you maintain the better the results of your content

*Put value in things, keep reinventing yourself to stay relevant

What Bell Pottinger fears –

*Radical transparency

*Speed/Reputation damage

* Trust and engagement

*Modern digital world (double edged sword on what to think about)

Being audience-centric means-

*Thinking about the conviction of your communication efforts (Emotional + Rational)

*Real time listening

*More focus on stories

*Improve on public platforms

Bell Pottinger’s definition of Public Relations – Use of 3rd party channels to persuade and inform.

What do you look for when hiring as they go through the Bell Pottinger graduate scheme ?

The different teams trying out different sectors need to work on integration, chemistry, and most of all – trust.


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