Across the Pond: H+K Strategies



***I had the opportunity to study international public relations in the cultural hub of London. Below are my notes from an afternoon at H + K Strategies.

Communication Directors of Hill + Knowlton Strategies want people who craft powerful ideas and use multi-channel storytelling techniques to engage audiences and change behaviors in order to create value for their clients.

Branding is an important concept emphasized at this agency. How you look, speak and act all contribute to the brand. It is a promise to your clients.

Content Marketing 

Attract and retain customers through focusing on selling the brand. Engagement with clients is important (use of native articles and advertorials).

Content Versus Advertising-Content hits the middle ground, represents the brand and engages the audience. Content has a choice whereas advertising pushes the message of choice of the commercials you may see on TV.


Most companies will have their reputation tested at least once. However, getting something wrong is costly. Social media means it is harder for companies to own and control their reputation. All crisis’ can bring the opportunity for progress if handled correctly.

Stages of a new PR job


Stage 1: The bumbling apprentice

Manning the twitter, phoning the journalists, pitching ideas (The basics)

Stage 2: The Runner

You know your best work and start performing at full capacity

Stage 3: The opportunist

Quick thinking, best person on the team, take initiatives like calling the journalists even when it’s not the task of the day

What the employers look for at H + K Strategies-

  • People interested in not only stage two or three ↑, but those willing to learn
  • In the group interview, they work with the team
  • They are curious about the world around them

(What journalists do you like?  What articles? Opinions? )

ex. I like _(Journalist)_from _(Newspaper) _because_____.

7 Stages of Creativity

coffee-smartphone-desk-pen-large1. Brief  ( Agencies- Clients can brief differently)

“If you can’t explain it simply, you haven’t understood enough.”

2. Audience– Customers, passions, influence and finding the best time to reach them

3. Insights + Truths

Your creative platform incorporates human insight + cultural insight + categories/product truth + brand/corporate truth

4. Creative Platform (includes your campaign team)

5. Story Arcs

6. Content Strategy  ( Influencers, research, editorial, images, film)

7. Publishing Strategy

-How to activate or publish content

-Real-time newsroom + features desk strategy

Last words to aspiring professionals?

*Everyone should be keeping up with the insights/truths

*Stay up to speed with the world around you (PR industry and world events)
















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