Winter Finds and Flurries

For years the holiday season fills our heads with messages of wonderment, charity and maybe a few miracles. It’s a time where family reunions bring loved ones from far places and opportunities for laughs and reconnection.


This winter I traveled to Big Bear Lake in California. The drive up the winding road brought the most picturesque views. The wintergreen forests cascading along the snow capped mountains would glimmer with skiers and snowboarders zooming down.

Big Bear Lake looms tranquilly below the slopes.
The North Pole

The Village is a quaint town lined with many pubs, movie theaters, boutiques and Clydesdale horses trotting through the cobblestones streets. There is a candy shop called The North Pole that has fresh fudge, candy apples and sour gummies of every flavor filling every inch of the store.


It was -10 degrees, but the double fudge ice cream was too enticing to pass up.


My cousin and I sat on the top of the slopes people watching. Kids eagerly awaited their turn to tube down, strangers helped to push others and some sneak attacked a snowball fight here and there.


This trip gave me many fond memories that taught me to cherish quality time and slowing down with those I care for. Vacations give us the excuse to wind down and be with our families. But what about when the holiday season ends? Do we go back to simply going through the motions, not taking the time to slow down at the little joys an ordinary day can bring us?

I hope in the new year you find what you are looking for.


Ā©Golden Ethereal

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