Canapé and the Capital


This summer brought outings around Georgetown and the Mosaic District. Along the streets of Georgetown, there are many shops, cafes and my favorite macaron place-Olivia Macaron. There are scenic canals and the Georgetown Waterfront gives a calming view of the Potomac River. Muncheez is electric and lively with bright painted walls and flavorful crepes, wraps and shawarma with the option to have fries inside.

The Mosaic District has a wide range of restaurants, boutiques and a lawn for weekend events. Artisan Confections is one of my favorite chocolate shops with the creamiest and richest chocolate pieces. In the National Building Museum, the Beach Exhibit has unleashed my inner child as I jumped into the giant ball pit. There were concession stands and beach chairs to provide a real “day at the beach” aesthetic. Basking under the white sea of the ball pit, the massive columns towered overhead where people looked on above the oasis. August ends the summer break with appreciating the town I live in and making sure to never explore the same place twice.









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